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Come experience beautiful tinting


Brow and lash tinting can really enhance the look you untimately want to achieve. Choose from a light brown, neutral brown, dark brown or black shade. Great before going on vacation.



Brow Lashes Both
$15 $20 $30


Express yourself through your nails

Enjoy our gel nail enhancements done by our OPI trained nail technicians.


Gel Enhancements
New Set White Tips New Set Natural Tips New Set Overlay
$80 $80 $65


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Regular Fill French Fill Add Color / Glitter Art Work Fixes / Broken Removal
Starts at $47 Starts at $52 $5 & up To be decided by Nail Tech Start at $7 $55


Get rid of unwanted body or facial hair


Come in and experience our professional hair removal and work towards a sexier you!


Brows Lip Chin Full Face Under Arms Arms Half Leg Full Leg Back Chest
$18 + $12 + $10 + $25 + $15 + $15 + $30 + $50 + $30 + $40 +